How to Live in Victory, No Matter What

“Incurable . . . Get your affairs in order.”  I remember watching his face turn pale as we heard the words.  It was September of 2002 when Hannibal Martin-Zinna, my husband of 8 months, received the devastating news of terminal cancer.


This book is a compilation of the main lessons God taught us during the most difficult season of our lives.  These are the weapons that we used to fight this five-year battle on a daily basis and that helped us stand strong. These are not formulas, but principles from the Word of God that had very practical results in our lives.


Whether you are facing a battle today, or know someone who is, or if you’re just curious to know more about living a victorious Christian life, I pray that these lessons will encourage you and help you to stand.

What other people are saying about "Lessons Learned in the Battle"

"Grace under pressure. It's a term we hear occasionally that expresses the strength, stamina, and unusual calm a person exhibits when going through an incredible circumstance or trauma. The “lessons in battle” that you are about to glean from, are written from the real story of a woman who stood beside her husband for several years of fierce battle with terminal cancer. When there were no clear answers and no evident change in circumstances, she stood resolute in the truth that she knew about her God. It’s about how to trust confidently and hold steady when you have more questions than answers and two plus two seems to equal five. I trust that your reading of the following pages will draw you into a pursuit for the heart of God that is deeper than just a change of your current circumstances or an improvement of symptoms. Ultimately, the lessons learned in the battle are not just about how to win, but how to discover the deepest mysteries—who you are, who God is, and why it matters.

-Dr. Jack Hayford, Pastor, Founder and Chancellor, The King’s University

"I am personally weary of the sugar coated, scripture-sprinkled testimonies, prophecies and proclamations of a God who evidently NEVER says 'no.'   Chiqui Wood takes you on a real life journey from trials through transformation to triumph. However, it is triumphant victory that flows contrary to the boiler-plate, cookie cutter stories with the expected finale of healing and deliverance. Her sensitive personal perspective combines sound biblical truths with personal spiritual experience and produces a powerful portable tool for the believer who walks through the valleys and shadows of real life. In the spirit of the prophet Habakkuk, this dynamic prophetess faces the realities of life in the context of the sovereignty of her God and declares: "Yet I will rejoice in the Lord; I will joy in the God of my salvation."

-Kenneth C. Ulmer, DMin, PhD, The King's University

"Chiqui Wood has an amazing ability to tackle the difficult subject of grief and loss in a way that brings comfort, peace and strength to those she ministers to. I have watched lives transformed and people brought into new levels of victory through her excellent teaching. This book will provide real answers to very real issues people face when going through difficult times"

-Pam Anderson, Associate Pastor Relational Care,  Gateway Church, Souhlake, TX

"Lessons Learned in the Battle: How to Live in Victory No Matter What is a practical and inspiring book that gives guidance to anyone who is in a life battle, no matter how small or great.  Ana  “Chiqui” Wood’s vulnerable, honest and practical approach is a gift to the Body of Christ.  Her spiritual insight applies to every type of life’s trials.  It is a handy tool to help everyone live victorious through any life situation."

- Dr. Cathy Haggard, Associate Pastor, The Edge Foursquare Church, Milton, WA

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