Cómo Enfrentar las Pruebas sin Perder la Paz

“Incurable . . . Get your affairs in order.”  I remember watching his face turn pale as we heard the words.  It was September of 2002 when Hannibal Martin-Zinna, my husband of 8 months, received the devastating news of terminal cancer.


This book is a compilation of the main lessons God taught us during the most difficult season of our lives.  These are the weapons that we used to fight this five-year battle on a daily basis and that helped us stand strong. These are not formulas, but principles from the Word of God that had very practical results in our lives.


Whether you are facing a battle today, or know someone who is, or if you’re just curious to know more about living a victorious Christian life, I pray that these lessons will encourage you and help you to stand.


What other people are saying about "Lecciones Aprendidas en la Batalla"

" With time we discover that significant changes in life come through pain and struggle.  Ask any person who has built a business if it hasn’t cost him something, or if he hasn’t had to struggle and suffer to maintain it.  Ask a triathlete if it doesn’t hurt, if it hasn’t been costly, and if he doesn’t have to fight to improve his times.

Ask those who have run a marathon if it hasn’t been painful.  Ask a mother who has given birth if she didn’t have to go through intense pain and struggle.  Or ask a real person, like Chiqui Wood, if dealing with a terminal diagnosis wasn’t painful.  We will never know God more than when we recognize the frailty of our humanity.

Life doesn’t change just with pain and struggle.  Real life changes when we are alone with God.

I believe these are some of the teachings that Chiqui brings us in her story-made-book.  I recommend it for all of those who want to move beyond the “Why me?” to a proactive attitude in the midst of adversity.”

-Andres Vargas, Pastor, El Río Church, Bogotá, Colombia.

"Through this book you will find a balm for your wounds.  As Chiqui writes, “God is not your enemy!”  You will understand that God loves you so much, that He gave the greatest sacrifice for you.  Chiqui’s personal experience with God will encourage you to come out from any pit in which you may find yourself, and will show you that you have never been, and will never be alone.  There is hope! "

-Rev. Javier Arribas, Senior Pastor, Casa de Restauración Ministry, Founder, Casa de Restauración Children and Adolescents Home, Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Throughout the journey of our lives, Chiqui shows us how to see God’s favor, grace and love in the battles that we face.  We can only see others with mercy and true compassion when we go through trials in which God draws near and reveals Himself intimately in the midst of pain.  It is then that we depend on His comfort, and then He lets us see how He uses our process to be instruments that extend that same comfort to His body … because we can only comfort with the comfort we have received.  This is a book that inspires, encourages, motivates, and lifts you up to trust and to see God even in the darkest night. "

-Natalia Montenegro, co-pastor, El Río Church, Bogotá, Colombia

"This book could only be written by someone who has gone through "the dark night of the soul." One does not gain this kind of insight into suffering, victory, and God's plan for one's life without having experienced it personally.

As I read each brief lesson, I gained new light on the enemy's purposes in our pain, and God's working His will in and through us. Chiqui shares some of the most profound truths of our Christian walk, and I have been deeply impacted by her experiences with God. You will be touched, enlightened and blessed by this book! "

- Steve Hopkins, Director, Latin Equip, Lima, Peru.

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