The Abba Foundation

knowing the father through the eyes of Jesus

The Abba Foundation provides a framework for knowing the Father, the Abba of Jesus, as Jesus reveals Him to be.  Chiqui’s goal is to draw her readers closer to the heart of the Father, that we would have a revelation of His love that would allow us to lean into the mystery of the unknown – the unanswered questions – with the assurance that Abba is good; that Abba loves us, and that Abba can be trusted.

What other people are saying about "The Abba Foundation"

"The Abba Foundation is splendidly written, providing insight for the individual attempting to gain greater understanding in a world in turmoil, while seeking inner peace and joy. The seasoned Christian with a desire for a deeper relationship with Abba will find biblical foundation for a good loving Father whose primary desire is personal relationship. The format of the book provides an excellent resource for group studies and discussions."

Joe Hopkins

"Chiqui Wood shows how our heavenly Father is driven with intense love and forgiveness to see His creation and especially each one of us restored in communion with Him. I highly recommend this book for home Bible study groups, as it presents the material in portions that young believers can relate to and assimilate. Each chapter includes key points for reflection, a related closing prayer, and questions for group discussion."

Stephanie Penniman

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